Maritime Institute SUBMARINER Network - flagship project of the Baltic Strategy

SUBMARINER Network - flagship project of the Baltic Strategy

SUBMARINER Network - as a flagship project of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR SUE) take various measures and initiatives for sustainable and innovative use of resources of the Baltic Sea. In its program, SUBMARINER Roadmap, Network focuses on promoting and developing new applications and technologies relevant to the commercial and environmental point of view.

Calendar of events:


Joanna Przedrzymirska as a representative of Maritime Institute in Gdansk - SUBMARINER Network Co – leader presented the project during the following events:

VII meeting of the Polish team for BSR SUE in Warsaw (7 November 2013)

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information about Polish involvement in environmental protection in the Baltic Region and a discussion on the possibility to use the regional format of Polish environmental priorities, also in the context of the Polish Presidency of the Council of Baltic Sea States (2015/2016). SUBMARINER Network was presented as an example of Polish participation in the Baltic projects. The main objective of the project is to conduct research on the use of marine resources, which would be both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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4th BSR SUE Forum in Vilnius (11 November 2013)

SUBMARINER Network was presented at a Blue Growth session - "Blue Growth" as a long-term strategy, which aims to contribute to economic growth throughout the maritime sector. During the workshop there was a discussion about the potential of the region to achieve employment growth and competitiveness.

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"The Economics of the Ocean Summit"' in Washington, D.C. (3-4 December 2013)

There is a growing demand for decision-makers to better understand and manage human dependence on healthy ocean ecosystems and biodiversity. This meeting aimed to raise awareness of these issues among decision makers and opinion leaders. SUBMARINER Network was presented during the Session four: Enhancing blue growth research




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SUBMARINER Network representatives participated in a Workshop on how to realize the full potential of the bio-economy, organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers (Nordic Council of Ministries) 11 December 2013 in Stockholm. Issues discussed during the meeting concerned SUE RMB - sustainable development and the bio-economy and the possibility of cooperation between stakeholders from the private sector, regional and international organizations, the public sector and academia in the Baltic Sea region.

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There is founding members discussion about 'The Blue Growth SUBMARINER European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)'. EEIG appointment is expected in early 2014. Information about this event will be published at the Maritime Institute in Gdansk web site.


On 11 December 2013 Joanna Przedrzymirska as a representative of Maritime Institute in Gdansk -SUBMARINER Network co-leader participated in workshop on generating new projects in the 2014-2020 perspective organized by the Pomeranian Marshal's Office in PPNT in Gdynia. The event was to present the progress of the Operational Programmes of ETC / EIS, which will be implemented in the programming period 2014-2020. There was also a possibility to meet partners from existing Pomeranian projects and to conduct a moderated discussion about ideas for future projects in five areas: entrepreneurship and innovation, transport, environment, energy and people-for-people activities.

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